Important matters

1. I have been accused in certain circles (okay, in certain emails) of deliberately not mentioning the English win in the recent ODIs against Australia in New Zealand. So here you go, you whingeing poms:

    Yay, England for finally stringing together three wins in a row! Way to peak at the right time. Yes, you are now contenders for the World Cup next month. Go forth and be happy!

    It’s still only One-day cricket, but.

2. I’ve also been meaning to remonstrate with one Maureen Johnson who has let down her fellow pro writers by revealing one of the most closely guarded secrets of our trade. First it was Matthew Cheney, and now Maureen. When is this going to stop, people? Are you going to start selling your secret decoder rings to the punters? I hope you remember the sacred oathes you swore. Don’t forget that there will be repercussions!

3. I’ve also been asked why I think it’s okay to hurt Maureen Dowd’s feelings when I’m so precious about novelists’ feelings. To which I can only respond: Well, der. I am a novelist. Of course I’m more worried about our feelings. Besides it’s well known that columnists are made of much sterner stuff than thin-skinned novelists. They are mocked all the time and are well used to it. But every time a novelist is mocked a little piece of the world’s communal imagination disappears in a tiny puff of smoke. It’s on your own heads if you mock us.

The one exception is John Scalzi who has managed to maintain the thick hide of a columnist despite becoming a novelist. You can mock him as much as you want. He loves it!

4. Over in the magical land of livejournal, there’s some really fascinating discussions going on about urban fantasy and the demonisation of “normal”. I have much to say on this subject and am struggling to get them together in a way that makes sense to anyone but me. But they involve lots of thoughts about Pan’s Labyrinth and fairy tales.

5. I have discovered a good thing about the cold. When you fall over in the street, you’re so padded with gloves and coats and scarves and etc etc, that it doesn’t hurt!

6. Feel free to share some matters you consider important.


  1. Anonymous on #

    Write that post!!!! Now!!! 😉

  2. Katie on #

    does anyone other than me consider it important to know exactly where in the world Justine Larbalestier is for any given post?

    one goes off into the narrow world of academic hiring searches, in which land no light shines, and from which it is hard to keep up with one’s favorite blogs,

    only to return and discover that JL is in another part of the world AGAIN!

    Shouldn’t there be some sort of emoticon that starts off or maybe finishes up posts to let one know

    where is the world is Justine?

    pulling out the maps, the tickets, and the passports,

    yours, Katie

  3. Kevin Wignall on #

    For the record, I wish to make clear that I didn’t gloat (okay, a little, but within reason) and I was also magnanimous in my response to our Ashes trouncing. And I’m sure even you’d admit that it’ll make things much more interesting if England are on form in March.

    And how did you fall over, Justine? Not drowning your sorrows, I hope?

  4. Rebecca on #

    i thought you weren’t going outside till June. 😛

  5. Penni on #

    So you left the apartment then? Good for you.

    And all the other stuff = interesting.

  6. Justine on #

    I am in New York City. It is snowing. And, even though I am against cold, I must admit that it is really pretty. I was even outside walking around in it and not too appalled. It is better to be inside though and looking out.

    So, yes, Rebecca and Penni, I went outside, but only so that I wouldn’t starve to death.

    Kevin: I fell over because I am unco. I can not blame it on ice or any other winter thing or the dastardly poms winning. Also I was stone cold sober. It was just my inability to walk. Sigh.

  7. Rebecca on #

    it is nearly down to freezing here. i think i’m going to die of shock. i mean, it’s almost cold enough to be snowing down here. that is so not right.

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