An interview and some questions

Adrienne Martini interviewed me for Bookslut about Daughters of Earth and Battle of the Sexes. Go have a squiz. Co-incidentally Martini was just interviewed by Scalzi and it made me want to read her book.

The questions:

If Stephen Colbert shook your hand today would you ever wash it again? Just wondering.1

Is Diana Wynne Jones’s latest book, The Pinhoe Egg, her best in years?2 Oh, you know it is. That book made me so happy!

  1. Not that I have any plans of washing while it’s still winter. What if the hot water cuts out while I’m all soaped up? I’ll wash again in June when I leave the flat again. []
  2. Not that the last few books were bad in any way, shape or form—I don’t believe that she could write a bad book—they were just less genius-y than my faves of hers. []


  1. janet on #

    I love Stephen Colbert. But when you change a lot of baby diapers, not washing your hand ever again is something you don’t even want to joke about.

  2. Delia on #

    Oh, I LOVE *The Pinhoe Egg.* It makes me even happier than *Conrad’s Fate*, and I read that 3 times.

  3. marrije on #

    justine, i’ve just read ‘pinhoe egg’, and i’m a bit confused. it’s full of those dread beasties with single horns! i thought you couldn’t stand them… help?

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