That word does not mean what you think it means

This one breaks my brain.

From the Sydney Morning Herald the Australian cricket team responds to accusations of being arrogant, rude, sledging bastards:

“The way I look at cricket, you do everything possible to win. Some people like the verbal side of the game, some don’t, but you just get one with what your job. I take what Vincent is saying as a backhanded compliment.”

Hayden, Clark’s Australian teammate, was equally indignant.

“If he considers that to be the case, I’m not unhappy about it, to be honest,” Hayden said. “It’s a great clash between New Zealand and Australia and long may it continue. It doesn’t matter what sport—we could be playing kick a cockroach from here to the wall and we’d want to be competitive.”

You know last time I looked “indignant” meant “cranky”, “pissed off”, “ropeable”. It did not mean “bemused”.

Talk about sloppy journalism of the let’s-try-to-manufacture-controversy-even-if-the-quotes-don’t-fit variety. That or the journo truly doesn’t know what “indignant” means. Well, whoever wrote that, I am indignant at your use of the word indignant.

Though maybe they were just being a smartarse? Cause Hayden is just as indignant as Clarke, i.e. not at all.


  1. John H on #

    Or perhaps the writer was using the word to describe the manner in which the players responded to the question. It’s quite possible that the players were giving a pissy answer that doesn’t read that way…

  2. Justine on #

    But there ain’t nothing in the article to support that, which still means it’s sloppy. Also Clarke always comes across as the most affable bloke alive.

  3. John H on #


  4. Rose on #

    Yeh, except when Clarke’s linked to Bingle… then the affability starts waning.

    I think the whole article, shocking literary skills included, is complete rubbish. To me, that kiwi Vincent seems to be simply jealous of Australia’s winning streak and fierce competitive nature. I’d say he’s ‘indignant’ about forever losing to a better side. He can’t win on the field, so he’s trying to score points off it by slinging off verbally. No respect.

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