RW3: the quick ones

Little Willow asks:

Have you heard the song Reasons Why by Nickel Creek?

No. Please to point me to a link where I may listen.

Roger asks:

Your favourite cricketers, m’dear, and why. Whence the Keith Miller obsession?

Still living: Shoab Akhtar, Makhaya Ntini, Daniel Vettori, Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds.

Because they entertain me.

I have explained my Keith Miller infatuation here. Basically, I think he was a dropdead spunk plus he generated ace anecdotes. And there was the whole cricket thing too.

Jenny D asks that I say something about

the fiction of Ellen Kushner

It is completely wonderful in every way and you should all read her!

Jenny D also ask that I detail

some of your more unfortunate past fashion choices—with pictures!

And I refuse and threaten dire consequences to anyone who posts such photos of me ever.

Chris McLaren asks for

Convention horror stories and other juicy gossip.

This too I refuse. What happens at a convention stays at the convention.

Simon Sherlock would

like to see you write about why the England cricket team is far, far better than the Australian one (even though they choose not to show it) 🙂

I did say I would lie for you all, but it turns out that this I just can’t do it. Especially after yesterday’s performance against New Zealand.

All I can say is that I’m sure they’re much better at enduring cold wet weather than the Australian cricket team and that is not a skill to be sniffed at.

A lurker wants to know

Your thoughts on harry potter. and jkrowling. just curious.

I really enjoy the books though have found the last few a tad too long. I wish they’d been a bit tighter edited. Am really looking forward to the next one.

I worship J. K. Rowling. Without her my career wouldn’t be possible. All children’s and YA writers owe her hugely. Thank you for everything, J. K.!

Robyn Hook would

like to hear about your jeans shopping expedition with Ron!

Twas fabulous. All things done with Ron are a million times more fabulous than they otherwise would be. Ron is a goddess. I can no longer go shopping with anyone else. This is a bit of a problem given that I only see him once or twice a year . . . I’m reduced to wearing rags!

I’m still taking requests. Just add yours here. I cross ’em off as I complete ’em.

Thanks everyone for all the requests. This is fun! I may never come up with an idea of my own for the blog ever again.


  1. Roger on #

    Let me rephrase, how did you first come across the esteeemed Keith Miller? I suspect you are somewhat younger than he. I’d wager you weren’t born until after his cricket career was over.

  2. Little Willow on #

    MP3 clip


    Music section of their site



    “Reasons Why”

    Where am I today? I wish that I knew
    ‘Cause looking around there’s no sign of you
    I don’t remember one jump or one leap
    Just quiet steps away from your lead

    I’m holding my heart out but clutching it too
    Feeling this short of a love that we once knew
    I’m calling this home when it’s not even close
    Playing the role with nerves left exposed

    Standing on a darkened stage, stumbling through the lines
    Others have excuses, but I have my reasons why

    We get distracted by dreams of our own
    But nobody’s happy while feeling alone
    And knowing how hard it hurts when we fall
    We lean another ladder against the wrong wall

    And climb high to the highest rung, to shake fists at the sky
    While others have excuses, I have my reasons why

    With so much deception it’s hard not to wander away
    It’s hard not to wander away
    It’s hard not to wander away

  3. shelly rae on #

    I have pictures of you Justine….

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