No way! (updated)

Shane Warne is retiring. I cannot believe it. He was good for another three or four years easy. What the hell?!

Thank God I get to see him bowl in Sydney. He is the best bowler I’ve ever seen tweaking the leather. And I’ve seen some greats. I don’t know what I’m going to do with no Warne to watch? Aaaarggh!!

And what is he going to do now? The mind boggles.

How can I go to bed on this calamitous news?!

Update: I have deleted comments on this thread which I deem to be disrespectful. When I am in deep mourning my sense of humour is impaired. I do not mock your sporting idols (okay, except for Johnny Damon. But that’s different.)


  1. James on #

    The BBC reckon he will continue to captain Hampshire for the two remaining years that he’s contracted.

    Warne and McGrath going, shame you’ve got no other decent bowlers =:O

  2. jonathan on #

    i’m hoping it’s just a terrible rumour…

  3. Justine on #

    I’m hearing from a solid insider cricket journo source that it’s not a rumour. Here’s hoping they’re wrong.

  4. Lee Battersby on #

    Actually, I’m not surprised. Once we won back the Ashes I expected it, along with Pigeon: there’s nothing on the horizon to form a natural high-point for retirement after this series until the English series in 2 years time, and that may be a bridge too far at their age.

    The bowling stocks are looking pretty good right now, especially the fast bowling options. Stuart McGill is a good Warne replacement for another couple of years, which will allow players like Hauritz a chance to grow into the spinner’s role and a chance to develop some of the very young leggies beginning to come up through the state ranks, and with Stuart Clark performing the role McGrath has for years, his retirement would loosen up a spot for someone like Bracken or Tait to grow into the 3rd bowler role as well. two years down the track, a competitive fast bowling roster of Clark, Lee, Tait, Bracken & Mitchell Johnson looks pretty good.

    I’m also willing to bet Matthew Hayden goes after this series, as well: Phil Jacques is ready to take over, and Langer is a better bet for the next 2 years than Hayden in terms of form and fitness. I don’t think Gilly will leave until after the next Ashes series– there really isn’t a ready replacement for him, and his ability hasn’t suffered the drop-off that Hayden’s has, so I don’t think Cricket Australia will be rushing to show him the door any time soon.

    Ummmm, I’ve gone a little geeky over this, haven’t I? 🙂

  5. jonathan on #

    i think it’s probably true. and the word is, he’ll join the nine commmentary time and finish out his contract with hampshire. i can easily see him doing the benaud thing, with summer’s here and in the uk for the next twenty years. still, what a blow. and, with mcgrath going with warne, the doors seem open for the procession. hayden and langer, followed by gilchrist. word is macgill may retire after the fifth test too. it looks like the end of one of the greatest teams in test history. sigh.

  6. Lee Battersby on #

    If MacGill does go, that will be a blow: he’s a handy enough replacement for Warne, at least for a year or two, and there really isn’t another spinner ready to step up. And the next available leggie is, what, about 16?

  7. Rose on #

    This sucks. Warney can’t go… he’s Warne for God’s sake! His bowling is just mastery to witness… the best ever. I can’t BELIEVE he would retire. I know he’s 37, but he looks like he could keep going until he’s at least 40. I know the commentators in Perth certainly thought so.

    It was bad enough Marto chucking the towel in (though he did so with infinitely less class than Warne – Marto just seemed to run off), but now Warney. The greatest ever. I knew this day would come, I just hoped it would be later rather than sooner.

    At least we get to see him in the last two Tests in Melbourne and Sydney, I suppose. That’s something. See him get his 700 Test Wickets. That’ll be fantastic :).

    As for replacements, I don’t wanna go there yet. And certainly not down the MacGill road. NOT a fan of his. At all.

  8. cordelspo on #

    The word irreplaceable is not to be used lightly(though a certain b.knowles has other ideas). In Warne’s case though,it’ll forever remain an understatement. Cricket will never be the same again…not for me atleast. Who will entertain me during those middle overs…those lacklustre periods when Warney’s
    genius kept everyone enthralled? It’s a gaping
    hole Australia daren’t look at..let alone fill. Who will future Australian captains toss the ball to,when in need of a wicket? It’ll sink in one day…after the shock…..”People,we’ve lost a god”.

  9. jonathan on #

    confused. mcgrath is NOT going, but warne is going. madness. i don’t want mcgrath to go, but i think everyone thought he’d leave first. i wonder if warne’s announcement made him change his mind.

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