Email Hassles

It’s just come to my attention that something screwy has been happening with my mail for the last six weeks or so. If any of you have written to me in that time and I have not responded odds are I never got it or you never received my reply. If it’s important or interesting or cool please resend.

At our new abode we do not have wireless intramanet access. This is a very good thing as I’m already getting more writing done than I do when I have the inertnetsy at my beck and call. (Or am I at its beck and call? Hmmm.)

However, it also means that I’m not getting through my mail (that which I’ve actually received) as fast as I usually do (which is to say I’m even slower) so if you’ve written to me about something urgent and I haven’t responded keep bugging me. Let me know that it’s urgent.

That is all.


  1. Paul Voermans on #

    Hey is “wireless intramanet access” when you look into the mind of small men?

    My daughter is reading Magic Lessons and she liked Magic or Madness a lot. A lot. She keeps telling me to read the extracts of Magic’s Child but I’m stoutly refusing.

    I enjoyed them too!

  2. Justine on #

    Thanks for such a lovely comment in response to the world’s most boring post. So pleased you and your daughter are into the MorM books. Yay!

    Resist your daughter urging you on to spoilery ways. The very first line of Magic’s Child is a big old spoiler for the end of Magic Lessons. You know you don’t want that.

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