Since some of you have been asking here’s a wee bit about our current Bangkok adventure.

We’re staying at Siri Sathorn in downtown Bangkok. It’s a serviced residence which means it’s like a hotel, but instead of rooms there are proper flats with kitchen and everything. Not that we’re doing any cooking—the room service here is awesome. Though even if it wasn’t Bangkok is full of incredible restaurants and food stalls. There’s fab food literally everywhere you go.

Yes, I have eaten some mangosteens, though they were sadly not the best. To be expected given that the season ended last month and they’re best when really fresh. Don’t be too sad for me though cause I still get to gorge myself on very fresh and yummy longan, dragon fruit, pineapple and mangoes. Yup, I know, life is harsh.

We’re not near Khao Sahn Road. Back-packing districts are typically not conducive to getting writing done. Where we are is dead quiet and peaceful, though that’s mostly because we’re on the twelfth floor . . The views are extensive!

We’re not near the river either. All part of keeping distractions to the minimum. In fact, we’ve done very little sightseeing thus far. Just walked around a bit at night on our way to dinner. We’ll probably do more exploring once we’ve got our writing rhythm going.

Which is what we’re here to do: write.

I’m working on the Great Australian, Elvis, Mangosteen, Monkey Knife-fighting, Cricket, Fairy, YA Novel. Indeed, I plan to finish the first draft while here.

Scott is working on . . . actually, I think what he’s working on is a secret. I’d ask him but he has his intense don’t-even-ask-me for-a-synonym-for-“effulgent” writing face on.

Hmm, that face makes me feel guilty. I shall return to my monkey knife-fighting fairies!

Thanks for all the well wishes. Lovely to hear from so many of you that you enjoyed the first two chapters of Magic’s Child!


  1. Maggie on #

    You’re bad. Tempting poor readers who haven’t finished ‘Magic Lessons’ with preview chapters for ‘Magic’s Child.’ I held out as long as I could but succumbed to temptation today. Great chapters!!!! But you’re still bad. 😛

  2. Rebecca on #

    yay for monkey knife-fighting fairies! i’m guessing ya’ll will head back to australia after this?

  3. Penni on #

    Oh my god. I SO need to sell my children on the black market. Or ebay. The black ebay. Meanwhile I write MY novels one-handed with Bambaloo on in the background, cupcakes in the oven and a baby attached to my boob.

    Okay. I’m sulking now.

    (Good thing they’re so damn cute.)

  4. Justine on #

    Maggie: I cannot be held responsible for others’ weak wills!

    Rebecca: Yup, we’re on a round-the-world ticket which works out to be a cheaper and more flexible way to travel between Sydney and NYC. Also less destroying of mind and body then the hellish Sydney-LAX-NYC flight. (Shudder!)

    Penni: Now that’s multi-tasking! I’m dead impressed.

  5. Katie on #

    The website is awesome. Isn’t the open air market near Lumpini Park? I think there is tai chi there in the mornings too.

    Food is everywhere. I love green papaya salad myself. I am certain that it makes writing easier and prose more graceful. What it does to monkey knife-fighting I don’t know. Any kite fighting?

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