Magic’s Child preview!

The rumours are true—I am a wee bit under the weather. Thanks for all your kind comments and emails! You make me feel like the Queen Mum. (In a good—rather than dead—way.) Hence the no blogging and not responding to emails and the rest of it.

While I have been coughing up lungs, sweating, shivering, aching and moaning, the lovely Deborah Biancotti has been updating my website. Where you can now

  • Read the first two chapters of the final book in the Magic or Madness trilogy, Magic’s Child. (If you’ve not read the first two books then you prolly don’t want to read these on account of their spoilerificness.)
  • and

  • See what some early readers thought of it. If you are a spoiler obsessive who doesn’t want even the faintest shadow of a hint of what the book contains avert your eyes! Here are some assorted adjectives to whet your appetite: “big”, “lovely”, “heartrending”, “redemptive”, “sad”, “happy”, “thrilling”, “wonderful”, “satisfying”, “powerful”, “spectacular”, “charming” and “true”.

Magic’s Child will be available in the States in March. There’s no word yet on the Australian publication date. I’ll let you all know as soon as I know.

And now back to lung coughing up . . .


  1. Megan on #

    Feel better soon! There seem to be a lot of “bugs” going around lately. Can’t wait to read the first two chapters, which I’m going to click to do right now. Once again, get well soon and drink lots of fluids! 🙂

  2. jaida jones on #

    Yikes. Feel better soon! I didn’t know you were feeling poorly. I hope that clears up! You are wonderful, satisfying and powerful, after all.

  3. Rebecca on #

    Ahhhh!!! so cool! thanks. 😀 I can’t wait, and now I’m even more excited. *sigh* I want it to be march now.

  4. marrije on #

    only thirteen days… good thing you put that in right at the beginning, because i’d sort of lost track that it’s been only such a short time.

    and i think ‘redemptive’ is an excellent adjective to get!

  5. Maureen johnson on #

    poor you! did england do this to you? will thailand make you better?

  6. Maggie on #

    Aw, feel better soon. I just got an email from the library and ‘Magic Lessons’ is *finally* in! Can’t wait to read it! 😀

  7. Jenny Davidson on #

    yes, i hope you feel better soon, sounds awful…

    i want that new book of yours asap!

  8. shelly rae on #

    Pobrecita! hope you feel better soon. I just got back from WFC and now I’m stuck here at home because of flooding–so far I still have power though. Take care!

  9. lili on #

    i dreamt about you last night… you and scott had a stopover in melbourne on the way from thailand to NY, and i went to the airport to say hi.

    (then i had a baby, but you know. dreams.)

    feel better!

  10. Justine on #

    Thanks, everyone! I am definitely on the mend. Must be the clean air of Bangkok that’s doing it for me. *cough* *cough*

    Marrije: Yeah the trilogy takes place over two weeks (more or less). Which is weird for those reading it one book a year, but in the future there’ll be folks who read all three books at once and won’t be thrown by it. I hopes anyways . . .

    Maureen: Nope, can’t blame England for this one. I got sick in the US of A in Lexington, Kentucky to be precise.

    Shelly: Gah! Flooding! That’s awful. May the waters recede soon.

    Lili: Okay . . . Though I gotta tell you the current round of insane jetsetting makes that less unlikely than it should be.

  11. Katie on #

    Justine, where are you staying in Bangkok? I used to live on Sukumvit Road, a long time ago. Are you near the Chao Praya?


  12. Katie on #

    Oh Pooh! I forgot to say how much I loved the two new chapters, printed them out and am showing them around to folks who need to know!

  13. Little Willow on #

    Rest up and feel better.

    Yay for the reviews! They are GLOWING.

  14. sherry on #

    Hi Justine, sorry you are feeling ick. I can understand that as I have three kids in the same boat at the moment–fever, chills, etc. Hope you get better soon. Travelling is certainly hard on the body–all that jet lag.

    Congrats on all of the rave reviews of Magic’s Child. I read the excerpt and it sounds fabulous. What a terrible tease it was to just read two chapters. I’ll definately pick up a copy in March.

    Rest and get well.

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