Noooooooo!!!!! (updated)

Okay, I got nothing against France. They publish my books after all, and it’s where some of my ancestors are from, but I love the Brazilian football team, have done for ages, and I really, really, really wanted to see them in the final.

I’m bummed.

Yeah, yeah, France played better. Yeah, yeah, I have the consolation of England being knocked out. But it’s depressing knowing it’s going to be an all-European final with not one team from the rest of the world.


Oh, well, maybe we’ll be able to take the Tour de France. Are there any Brazilians in the Tour? Ghanaians? Japanese? With all those drug expulsions surely my Aussie boys Cadel Evans and Michael Rogers are a shot?

Right then, that’s out of my system, back to Magic’s Child . . .

Update: Here’s a haiku I swiped from Scott’s blog:

yes, brazil lost it
yellow shirts not so sunny
rain falls on the field



  1. orangedragonfly on #

    lol…i can’t believe you put my haiku on here!!! (i also can’t believe that scott is requiring that everyone post in haiku, although it is kind of fun.)

    poor brazil… 🙁

  2. Justine on #

    Your haiku is exactly what I’m feeling, of course I swiped it!

  3. orangedragonfly on #

    i surely don’t mind…i was just *quite* surprised to see it here!! 😛

    *bows* glad to be of service.

  4. Little Willow on #

    I just finished reading The Raven and the Writing Desk by Francis Huxley. It was supposed to be a humorous look at Lewis Carroll’s use of nonsense and logic in his books, and it was not; it was disjointed and odd, so I didn’t care for it at all and am not recommending it to you (nor to Lili, because she’s probably reading this!)

    However, this little passage made me think of you and your lovely leading lady. (Note that the R in Reason is capitalized throughout this particular bit, but your blog automatically makes everything lowercase, so the effect is lost.)

    “There is no knowing when the tradition started, and it is highly unlikely to come to an end in spite of all that Reason can say against it. Indeed, it is partly because Reason exists that the tradition continues, if only as mirror image.” – Page 135

  5. Justine on #

    Little Willow: fixed. Very cool, indeed.

  6. marrije on #

    i’m right bummed, too: by all the drug rumour expulsions. i’m no great fan of ullrich, but it’s really bitter that on the first year of no armstrong he won’t be able to compete, and he was looking so thin & fit already. and no basso, no vino, no beloki… ay. the dutch have no serious candidate for the big win, as usual. maybe rasmussen, if he stays upright on the roundabouts? or i’ll root for your guy evans. and not for mcewen 🙂

  7. ben peek on #

    i’m all for the young fascists now (germany). none of my favourites are left, but i reckon the young fascists have played well, and it’d be a pretty rocking win for the country hosting the cup…

  8. Justine on #

    Marrije: It’s depressing, indeed. Especially as all the rumours I hear make it sound like the whole thing’s a pretty cynical exercise . . .

    McEwen would never win the overall Tour. He’s just a green shirt kind of a guy.

    Ben Peek: Leave my blog! The Germans are absolutely not playing the best right now—that’d be France. And the host country pretty much always wins. Boring!

    That said I’m not feeling well-disposed towards the Italians right now (even though they publish my books).

    You know the only country in the semis that doesn’t publish my books is Portugal . . . and yet I like them cause they knocked out England . . . Hmmmm.

    Stupid world cup.

  9. dylan on #

    when is magic lessons comming out on paperback?

  10. Justine on #

    Next March—same time as the Magic’s Child hard cover.

  11. John H on #

    i wasn’t surprised to see argentina lose – i thought they played lousy against mexico last week, so to see the germans knock them off wasn’t much of a shock.

    but brazil – oh my! i give credit to france for holding them at bay. the first half it seemed like all the action was in front of the french goal, but brazil never got close enough to score. then they came out flat in the second half – they tried to rally, but it’s tough when the clock is already past the 90 minute mark…

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