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Something not to do while you’re exhausted and have a head cold:

Atttempt to buy tickets for the 06/07 Ashes series

The article does not exaggarate. I logged on just before 9AM (Sydney time) when the tickets were to go on sale. The server was busy and busy and busy and busy and busy and busy and aaargghh!!

It took me half an hour to get through to actually buying the tickets. At which point all the tickets I was interested in for days 2 & 3 were gone. I then went to buy tickets for the fourth day but just as I selected them a pop up box announced that my session had timed out.

Cue screaming and swearing.

I logged back in again. The cricket board’s server was busy and busy and busy. Finally it wasn’t I got through to the ticket sales part. Then the ticket seller’s server rejected my password despite the fact it was the exact same password I used to get in for my first session. How do I know? Because my browser bloody remembered it, didn’t it?

Cue more screaming and swearing.

Then it rejected it again and again. Fourth time lucky and I was in and able to—at last—buy the tickets I wanted. Time taken: over an hour.

So, yes, I will be at the Sydney test on the fourth day. If there is no fourth day, or if it is all over before lunch, I swear to you that I will kill the entire English cricket team or whoever else I hold responsible for said early finish.

That is all except to say that as of 12 noon Sydney time the first four days of the Sydney test were completely sold out.


  1. veejane on #

    That sounds distinctly like my experience trying to buy tickets for the Boston Red Sox, down to the waiting room of death.

    You don’t need a headcold for it to suck, so a headcold on top of the suck — my sympathies.

  2. margo on #

    That would explain the headline I saw on the Daily Tele today/yesterday: ASHES TICKETS ON FIRE.

  3. niki on #

    haha excellent I love pun news headlines. Yes well justine is our god of the week. Many thanks 🙂 but maybe it’s the cricket boards web site developers you might want to kill not the poor old english side … 🙂

  4. Justine on #

    Get thee away from me, little sister! Wash your mouth out with soap. Or your fingers. Or something . . .

  5. James on #

    “whoever else I hold responsible for said early finish”

    Do the losing team or the winning team receive your wrath if it finishes in 3 days? (Can’t see it happening though!)

  6. Justine on #

    James: Depends who wins and who loses 🙂

  7. Jack Herman on #


    If you’re nice and recognise that Cath and I also knew Ron way, way, way back – close to 30 years now, wow – I might have room on day 5 on my guest card for a seat in the Members.

    As long as you’re over the cold …


  8. Justine on #

    Presuming there is a day 5 . . .

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