And now Italy!

Even while I’m away at a convention good news arrives: Magic or Madness and Magic Lessons just sold to Mondadori, the biggest publisher in Italy. Woo hoo!

I’m especially excited because I met the editor, Fiammetta Giorgi, in Bologna and she was not only elegant, cool and fun, but also had great taste. We talked for ages about our favourite young adult writers such as Holly Black and Diana Wynne Jones. And now I’m going to be part of her Dark Magic series. Yay!

Mondadori also publishes Scott, so we’re now published by the same company in the US of A (Razorbill/Penguin), Australia (Penguin), France (Editions du Panama), Brazil (Editora Record) and now Italy. How cool is that?

Magic or Madness has now sold in eight different countries and Magic Lessons in six.


  1. Jenny D on #

    wonderfully exciting! many congratulations…

  2. orangedragonfly on #

    that is so fabulous! i loved magic or madness…actually just sent it off with my best friend (we share all our books..i gave her scott’s uglies trilogy, too 🙂 ). i’m forcing myself to wait to get magic lessons until next month because i was a bit crazy on the book buying front last month. oh well…soon!! can’t hardly wait!!

  3. maureen johnson on #

    Don’t you think you should get a vespa in honor of the occasion? I do. I think you need a vespa.

    (That’s my italian publisher, too. I like being in this classy club with you guys.)

  4. niki on #

    haha – that’s great justine on a vespa – that would be funny …. but also possibly very dangerous…..

  5. fin on #

    I would like a powder blue vespa.

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