Out of here (again)

In less than twenty-four hours we’ll be on a plane to NYC. And while I think NYC is a bloody excellent city, and I have many wonderful friends there I can’t wait to see, I’m sad about it. For the last few years I haven’t been anywhere for more than three months straight. And that place was San Miguel de Allende, not Sydney. And while San Miguel is also completely ace I’m dying to spend an uninterrupted LONG stretch of time in my hometown.

Scott says I always get like this just before we leave anywhere (San Miguel, Dunedin, Buenos Aires, NYC). He says I always say that I want to stay. Maybe. But I feel it even worse when it’s Sydney cause there’s no where I love as much in the world. For some photographic reasons why pop over to Scott’s blog (he’ll also explain my silence of the past few days, which I can’t go into without frothing at the mouth).

Right now the thought of being anywhere but Sydney is just too much. Even though we have a year of travel to many wonderful (or at least interesting) places ahead of us: Madison, NYC, New Orleans, Seattle, London and Bangkok (and I’m sure I’m missing some). So to soothe my aching heart I’ll share my new favouritest Sydney places.

Two Good Eggs: A cafe in Surry Hills that makes some of the best omelettes I’ve ever had. I’m particularly besotted with the corn, leek, basil & ricotta. Divine. Their other food is also amazing (especially the porridge with rhubarb) and Scott loves the coffee. Service is friendly and fun and they don’t stress if you sit there for hours reading the paper.

Forbes & Burton: It opened just about the same time we moved into Surry Hills and the food was amazing from the word go. The breakfasts (the salmon on potato cakes might make Mr Atkins cry, but it makes me very very happy) and lunches are fab, but it’s dinner that sends me into ecstasy. Every single dish is near perfect. I especially loved the tomato consomme with vegetables and goat’s cheese raviolo (that’s right just the one). The clear liquid was the very essence of summer.

The Hollywood Hotel: The best pub in Surry Hills, if not the world. I did have a plan to get to every pub in Surry Hills, but after our first beer at the Hollywood we never left. The place is gorgeous curvy art deco, they have James Squire on tap, the publican, Doris Goddard, used to be an actor (there are fab photos of her with Bob Hope on the walls), and the staff are all smart, witty and pour perfect beers. Sometimes they even have salt & vinegar chips. Tis the perfect place to hide from the dazzling sun. I can’t believe I don’t get to hang out there again till November! Where’s the justice?

If you’re ever in Sydney check ’em out. Say hi from me!

Now I resume packing. How come no matter how many times I pack and unpack I never get spectacularly good at it? Same with jetlag. Grrr.


  1. Sir Tessa on #

    : /

    See you at Worldcon?

  2. Rajan K on #

    I hope you have a good, safe trip back to NY. As far as packing goes, my wife and I are packing ourselves (moving within NYC) so I feel part of your pain at least.

    Btw, my wife (who is Australian) and I (American) aspire to your bi-national living cycle. Though perhaps it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Hope you settle in soon and don’t miss Sydney too much…

  3. Justine on #

    Sir Tessa: Alas, WorldCon is looking very unlikely. But we’re definitely going to be in Melbourne again in the not-too-distant future.

    Little Willow: Awww! Thank you!

    Rajan K: In my current jetlagged state with what feels like the beginnings of a cold and realising I left my favourite jacket back in Sydney I could not recommend my life style. But, you know, ask me in a couple of days . . .

    Good luck with your move!

  4. Ted Lemon on #

    Poor thing, I know exactly how you feel. Andrea and I have a house in Tucson, into which we moved about two years ago, and I can’t think of a single uninterrupted stretch of more than two months when we’ve been here.

    I guess travel is great and all, but after a while staying home starts to look really attractive.

  5. Little Willow on #

    Welcome. Let me know if I’m missing anyone, and say hi to quasi-Aussie for me.

  6. Michael on #

    Since Bangkok is on that list, might I recommend some experimentation?
    Following on from an earlier comment of mine a while back, there are several wineries in Thailand, such as the Chiang Rai Winery, Queen Wine, and B.J. Garden Winery, all producing and selling mangosteen wines.
    Have fun finding out if they are any good 🙂

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