Flying foxes at dusk

I’m sitting at my desk watching the flying foxes make their nightly voyage out from the Botanical Gardens. Hundreds of bat silhouettes against the darker-by-the-second sky.

Have I mentioned how much I love this flat? How sad I am that we’re leaving?

Well, bugger that! I refuse to give into melancholy. Here’s the view I’ll be enjoying soon:

© good friend, brand-new father, and all round artistic genius Robin Cave

That view’s not so bad as all that, is it? Even if there are no flying foxes, or rainbow lorikeets, or ibis, or cockatoos . . .


  1. Karen on #

    I meant to ask at the Galaxy signing the other night why you birds hadn’t flown north for the winter yet.

    Also… did you go to Buttons Buttons Buttons? Did you love it?

    The Karen who hadn’t previously met Scott and didn’t meet you at people who may or may not be related to you’s place in North Ryde as a young adult in a previous millenium (punctuation left as an exercise for the reader).

  2. marrije on #

    what? you’re leaving? why? where? or it it just part of the bi-summer thingie and you’re going back to new york already?

  3. holly on #

    I love flying foxes so much. I want to come South!

  4. maureen johnson on #

    Don’t be sad. It’s lovely here now–mild and sunny with breezes. And people will buy you lots of booze. How can you go wrong?

  5. Justine on #

    Karen: I was really hoping we’d be able to spend a whole year here this time, but we’ve been invited to do a bunch of events in the US & also the UK, so off we go . . . Sigh.

    I never did go to the button shop. That shirt is still missing a button. How slack am I?

    Marrije: See above. We’re heading to NYC but will be doing much travelling: Madison, New Orleans, Seattle, Indiana, London . . .

    Here’s hoping that when we get home in November we can stay much much longer. A whole year even!

    Holly: They are so wonderful! You have to come stay with us and see them every single night.

    Maureen: And I’ll get to see you, right?

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