1. Charlotte May on #

    I am so very sad to hear this news, in my opinion one of the finest of writers. Such a tremendous loss. I have just gone to my bookshelf and removed a signed copy of ‘kindred’ which I will read again and again. What a fantastic legacy she has left us all. She will live on in her work and in our hearts.

  2. Scott W on #

    much sadness

    wild seed is one of the handful of books that changed the way I write.

  3. tricia sullivan on #

    i can’t believe it. i loved her work and admired the commitment she made to writing her own vision, without bowing to the market or any trend. i had the honour of meeting her at the clarke awards a few years ago and she was sincere, passionate, and very humble. i just can’t believe it. this is terrible news.

  4. Justine on #

    What you all said. I haven’t felt this horrible about a writer dying since Angela Carter. I spent yesterday re-reading Wild Seed and being amazed all over again.

  5. janet on #

    this is such a loss. she was a great writer, and, from all i’ve heard, a really good person.

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