I feel bad for South Africa

They worked so hard and then the weather robbed them of any chance of winning. The declaration was brave. Some would say loopy. It felt like they deserved the win, and yet their bowlers were just too thin on. Get well soon, Mr Ntini.

And how bout that Ponting? No way he’s not getting the Allen Border medal. Two centuries in his 100th test? You bewdy!


  1. Roger on #

    That’s big of you, old girl. I’m sure the South Africans wil be heartened by your concern.

    Don’t mind me not yet had my first coffee of the day.

  2. Justine on #

    Bloody coffee addicts . . .

  3. chrisbarnes on #

    >Some would say loopy.

  4. chrisbarnes on #

    … oops, that should have said:

    yes, me for one. Declaring was the right thing to do, and good on SA for having a go… they just declared too soon.

  5. niki on #

    it should have been a draw. Stupid south africans thinking they could bowl aust out in a half session. Such a pity ! they were looking so good there too ….

  6. Justine on #

    Chrisbarnes and Niki: Yup. That was a way premature declaration. But you know mostly decs come way too late. It was nice to see a captain take a risk. I’m sorry it backfired on him.

  7. Perry Middlemiss on #

    south africa sure played better than I ever thought they would. i was at the mcg on the second morning of the second test, watching mike hussey score his century from nowhere. other than the weather in sydney that’s where they fell apart. the return series in south africa in march promises some interesting viewing.

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