Lovely Texas and other matters

A few things:

1) I got my intramanet back!! In my very own home. My excitement is beyond words: email! dictionaries! blogs! posts! The whole world at my fingertips!

2) Magic or Madness made its third best books of the year list, the Tayshas reading list put together by the Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association. I’m particularly chuffed about this one on account of I got family in Texas—that’s where my in-laws hail from and my uncle-in-law is the principal of a high school in Houston. Also there are many very cool books on the list. Not just Scott’s Uglies, but the work of at least two other Aussies: Fiona McIntosh’s Myrren’s Gift and Marcus Zusak’s I Am the Messenger. Very pleasing.

3) In our new flat we can go out onto the balcony and watch the nightly exodus of flying foxes from the Tannie gardens. I love them.

4) The nothing changes convo continues (so fab to see the nattering continue without me—I love youse guys!) and is taken up by David Moles and a cast of thousands on his blog. All fascinating stuff. Oh, and Claire & Lauren? I’m so with you on Ghost World. I was double plus unthrilled by that movie. Especially cause the Bollywood music opening sequence was luverly.


  1. Lauren McLaughlin on #

    Welcome back to the Web, darling. And congrats on your best of listings. You’re on a roll.

  2. Justine on #

    Thanks, Lauren. You’re having a bit of roll yourself.

  3. janet on #

    Hey, welcome back to the ether!

  4. Justine on #

    It’s quite the relief, let me tell you!

  5. John H on #

    So, when are you going to let Scott update his blog? 🙂

    (Noting that you already have two new entries and he doesn’t even have one new entry…)

  6. Justine Larbalestier on #

    John H: I ain’t got no power over Mr Westerfeld! He’ll blog when he wants to blog. I suspect though that the little matter of his next book being due in less than a week is keeping him from it. My next book’s not due till 2 Jan so I can blog to my heart’s contact. I’ll pass on your concerns.

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