1. Cheryl on #

    f) Australia are getting stuffed and you are too embarrassed to blog

    Good game, isn’t it.

  2. Justine on #

    Until Clarke just got out I still had major hope. Now I just have minor hope. Warne is batting brilliant. It ain’t over yet.

    Regardless of result this has been one of the best tests I’ve ever seen. How about that ball of Warne’s in the last over yesterday? Oh. My. God.

    Now back to the con.

  3. Cheryl on #

    Warne is god. See my post in Jonathan’s comments. (not as good as the gatting ball though).

  4. jonathan on #

    it’s an amazing game. both tests have been extraordinary entertainment, and parts of them have even involved good cricket. i’m still not sure what i think of the teams, though.

    the brits have major stars in pietersen and flintoff, though i’d like to see them on australian pitches. the rest of the side is still…not full of major stars.

    as to the aussies, i’m wondering if there’s some weird kind of gilchrist effect happening. do the top 5 think, at some subliminal level, that so effective is their #7 at scoring with the tail, that there’s no real pressure on them to perform. i mean, if gilchrist had done his usual thing in this test, the deficit would have been smaller and we would be in a different place. instead, the scoring has been left largely to the top order, and they’ve continued to make a bit of a fist of it. interesting times.

  5. bo on #

    g) aus may have been stuffed but somehow almost made it through anyway. noice.

  6. Cheryl on #

    Gee guys, England tried so hard to give the game away at the last minute. What went wrong?

  7. jonathan on #

    sigh. i’m going to pay for this. england played well, but australia played worse. this was a great game, but england didn’t win it: australia lost it. whatever else happened, on that pitch, they should have won easily. they didn’t. the bowling attack is solid, but missing a lot without mcgrath. the batting is dodgy. there wasn’t a single century scored in the game. the thing that sticks with me, once the thriller aspect fades, is that this was a game where england should have won at a canter, and almost couldn’t bring itself to do that. australia, on the other hand, just couldn’t keep it together. heads won’t roll, but some serious questions will need to be asked of the top five batsmen.

  8. Justine on #

    Very quckly in a rush:

    It was better than the Gatting ball. They showed the two side by side all morning.

    What a match.

  9. niki on #

    yes very exciting – but what has happened to 5 day cricket ??!! Why are they all so intent to play like it’s a one dayer ?? These young people no patience 😉 – and yes I agree with you jonathan- australian top order baters sux !! what’s with the no 100’s ??? Is the wicket in england that hot ?

  10. jonathan on #

    niki – i don’t know what the problem is. they bat like disinterested schoolboys. it certainly wasn’t the wicket, it was … almost disinterest. we’ll see how it goes this weekend, but pretty much everyone from #2 to #7 needs a kick in the pants. and will they win? i don’t know. the bowling attack will be missing mcgrath, and it may be a huge risk to bowl the two spinners, while the batting order really needs to do something. i think we could go two down.

  11. niki on #

    arggg …only three more weeks and I’m back to sanity ! 😉

  12. mely on #

    Whatever. You just love cricket more than you love me.

  13. Justine on #

    Mely, I love cricket more than I love life . . .

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