How to Do Your Head in (updated)

Watch the Tour on the tellie while following the cricket through the BBC’s online radio and exchanging emails about it with your sister. Apparently I don’t multitask well. My head hurts. Thankfully the Tour is finished for the morning and I can concentrate on the cricket.

Am really enjoying the cricket right now. McGrath is bowling like a demon. He’s already gotten fivefer. Ha ha! I knew that Australia getting out for 190 was all about the wicket, not about the bowling. Of course now that Australia is in it’s all about the bowling not the wicket. No, I am not one-eyed.

Oh my, I’d forgotten about the BBC commentator—Blofeld’s appallingly plummy accent. It is to gag. Ack. Ack. Ack.

Update: 17 wickets taken in one day! Australia all out for 190; England 7/92 and only one real batsman left. McGrath gets his 500th test scalp with unbelievably brilliant bowling. As Merv Hughes said “Fair dinkum that was a good day’s play.” I reckon!


  1. Roger on #

    I shouldn’t start gloating too early, Larbalester!

  2. justine Larbalestier on #

    When it’s at the English it’s never too early to gloat.

  3. roger on #

    This is all just a temporary setback. You will see, young woman, you will see.

  4. jonathan on #

    hey justine, is a twenty five day long setback just temporary? maybe, i guess. we’re still gonna take ’em five zip, i reckon.

  5. Justine on #

    It surely is when compared to the twenty year long setback they’re enduring against us. And then there’s the even longer setback of them not having won a test against us at Lords since 1934 . . .

  6. Cheryl on #

    Sounds like it was a great day’s play. Wish it was on TV here in California – I want to see that spell of McGrath’s.

    You are supposed to laugh at Blowers, you know.

  7. Justine on #

    Yeah, I know, Blofeld’s supposed to be funny, but that accent! Aaargggh! Like fingernails down a blackboard. I can’t stand listening to the queen either.

    I, too, would have liked to have seen the whole day rather than just listened to it . . .

    I will confess that I preferred the beeb’s coverage to that of oz abc radio last (oz) summer. The ABC has started doing all these stupid quizzes and there were several times when commentators talked across the play. Yes, they kept telling their lame arse story or the quiz answer while balls were being bowled! In my book that’s a capital offence. Maddening! The beeb would never commit such horrrors.

  8. parker on #

    the tv coverage in oz is hilarious – due to pay tv rigmarole, sbs won the free to air rights, but of course, they are also covering the tour so they are beside themselves with excitement about what to show when – start with cricket – slip over to cycling during the tea/lunch breaks – stay with the cycling if there is movement or a breakaway – whip back to the cricket when there’s a wicket – dean jones & greg matthews in the studio. funny.
    and we end up with vision of cycling accompanied by the voiceover – “and glenn mcgath is ten not out” i love it!

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