Life is Good

I’ve written 1,500 words today. Bloody fine words, too. Or at least so they seem in the first flush of having written them. Yay first flush!

And Scott just threw together a late lunch of fresh baked rye caraway bread supporting the weight of manchego cheese, sliced perfectly ripe heirloom tomato lightly sprinkled with salt, and a sour pickled tomato. For dessert: two perfect majool dates. Have I mentioned my love of Russ & Daughters?

Now I and my happy palate will write more words.


  1. Roger on #

    Pickled tomato? Gross.

  2. da on #

    You should try Brillo from north italy, similar texture, more sort of zest

  3. da on #

    indeed i do. very yummmmyyy

  4. woofy on #

    but more importantly, what kind of salt?

  5. Justine on #

    maldon sea salt.

  6. woofy on #

    a fine choice sir.

  7. Justine on #

    Despite being English, it’s not bad.

  8. roger on #

    Steady, guvnor, there is much brilliant British fare!

  9. niki on #

    yes justine I have to say that the english fare has improved greatly scince I was here 15 years ago – mostly due to the increase of diverse imigration into london. They even have very good thai here ! – …thanks to David Tompson of course 😉

  10. woofy on #

    yes there’s been a food revolution over here, in terms of quality of food I’d say it’s far superior to ny.

  11. woofy on #

    In fact, I happen to know a little someone who I may or may not be related to who was just touching on this very subject on her blog.

  12. Justine on #

    I’ve been to London four times in my life (the last time was 2000) and had absolutely appalling food every time. I will believe it only when I taste it.

    Of course, I’m comparing to Sydney more than NYC, cause Sydney is where my foodie heart lies.

  13. niki on #

    well justine any sydney chef who has been successfull in sydney seems to have migrated to London …. of course we still have to realise that good cheap food in london is still a bit of an issue if you are not earning pounds … although I have found a fantastic afghan resaurant that is very cheap ..

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