Magic or Madness in Thai

Yup. Magic or Madness just notched up its fifth sale, this time to Amarin Printing and Publishing in Thailand. My foreign rights agent, Whitney Lee, is amazing, having now sold my book in Taiwan, France and Thailand (the other two sales were to the US and Australia).

I’m particularly exited because this is the first non-English language sale where I’ve actually been to the country. I adore Thailand. I love the sound and look of the language (Thai script is just gorgeous), the food (tamarind, mangosteens, steamed salty duck eggs, miang gung, snake beans, fish cakes, green mango salad, banana blossoms, massaman curry, kaffir limes, chilli jam, I could go on and on and on), the incredible art, both ancient and contemporary. It’s one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited and, what’s more, like Taiwan, it’s in my part of the world. Not nearly so remote as France. Thailand is a country I grew up knowing about. A neighbour. Some of the kids at school were from Thailand or had parents or grandparents from there. And now my book’s going to be available in Thai in Thailand. Yay!

The sale also made me wonder how Thailand is doing in the wake of the tsunami. It’s been two six months now, yet I rarely see any articles about the situation in all those countries where thousands died and millions lost their homes. Funny how quickly catastrophic events disappear from the headlines.


  1. Justine Y. on #

    wow…I just want to say first that I loved your book! On a second note I’m glad that your book got published in thailand and it’s good that you are happy about it!

  2. Justine on #

    I’m very glad you liked my book. And thanks for the congrats.

    Are you an American Justine? There are so few of those. Back home in Australia though there are many Justines. Practically a plague of them.

  3. Justine Y. on #

    Your welcome…and yes I am an American Justine…I know there are not that many of us in the US!

  4. Justine on #

    It just makes you cooler, I reckon. Not that I’m not cool being one of the many Australian Justines . . .

    Though, it’s not cool to say that you’re cool, is it? Oops.

  5. Justine Y. on #

    i guess…thats its cooler but it isn’t cool when people call me justin because they have never seen the name justine before!!!!

  6. jason erik lundberg on #

    I’m not a Justine, but I’m also glad for you! Yay! It’s such a wonderful book, and it’s so great that people will get to read it in other languages.

    I agree, Thai script is gorgeous. When my wife and I go to the nearby Thai restaurant, I sometimes space out for minutes on end looking at the writing on the various decorations there.

  7. Justine on #

    Justine: One time I was at a party in Sydney with four other Justines and one Justin (Justins are rare in Australia–just as well, it’s a bleh name, amazing what a simple “e” can do to improve things). Anyway everytime someone started to say one of our names, “Just—” Six heads would turn. Very silly.

    Jason: Thanks! This whole multiple sales thing is just fab.

    Niki: Ooops! You know what it is? Denial. I have a book that has to be finished by the end of July, so I’d much rather believe it’s still February . . . Thanks for the link.

  8. Dave Schwartz on #

    Hey, congrats! Between you and Scott I expect to see editions in every language soon, living or dead. (I want Linear B!)

  9. Justine on #

    Dave: Thanks! I wonder what the going rate on linear b rights is? Or Sumerian? Or how bout Klingon?

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