Basketball Good

Once Daughters was banished from my life, yesterday was all basketball all the time. First up: off to Madison Square Garden to watch the Liberty make easy work of destroying the San Antonio Silver Stars. We invited two friends of ours who’ve never seen the Liberty play. I believe we have a couple of converts. Yay!

And then home to watch the final quarter of the sixth game of the NBA finals where the men’s San Antonio team was also beaten. Dee-troit! Bas-ket-baaall!

Now if only the cricket would start doing what I want it to!


  1. barry on #

    You know, after the Pistons choked in Game 5, I was sure the Spurs would cake walk to a victory last night. But wow, Detroit came to play and proved they may just yet pull this sucker out. Thursday should be fun!

  2. Patrick O'Leary on #

    I think they have a great shot. My pet theory is when teams
    start throwing cheap fouls aroun–they’re toast. Like slapping Rip Hamilton;s mask and headband off his face…The Spurs seem desperate to me. And Duncan’s foul shooting…

  3. Justine on #

    Barry: I was dead impressed too. Yay Pistons!

    Patrick: I hope your theory is correct! I’m very nervous. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and singing the Pistons song: Dee-troit! Bas-ket-baaall!!

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