1. sdn on #

    what kind have you been using? you can always go to flax …

  2. Justine on #

    I’ve been using crappy cheap ones. What are flax ones? Where do I get them? I confess to complete red pencil ignorance.

  3. sdn on #

    sam flax is on west 20 between 5/6.


    faber-castell is always a good brand choice!

  4. Justine on #

    sharyn: you are my hero!

  5. sdn on #

    always happy to help!

  6. Richard on #

    Ticonderoga Checking pencils (in Carmine Red) work well for me and don’t seem to break easily. Staples should have ’em.

  7. Shelly Rae on #

    Does it have to be a pencil? Would red pen would just as well? No sharpening required!

  8. kdlink on #

    ha! would those red pencils that keep breaking be the promotional pencils that we were passing out? they kept breaking even as I was sharpening them…

  9. Justine on #

    Richard: I’m using a ticonderoga “the preferred choice of teachers” right now. So far the one pencil has lasted me all day. A miracle!

    Shelly: it’s gotta be pencil because the press says it’s gotta be pencil.

    kdlink: nah, after the horror of the pencils I bought myself I couldn’t face trying one of your giveaways given what you told me about ’em . . .

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