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Interwebby thingies I read and enjoyed today:

Tingle alley has some flittering thoughts about how fascinated she is by other writers’ acknowledgments here and here. Me too!

Some more Australian gloating about the coming Ashes series.

A cool review of David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy.

Lesson learned today: sometimes google is definitely not all that, and a trip to the library is required. My attempts to find out more about the recording, publishing and reception of Bill Broonzy’s”Get Back (Black, Brown and White)” inspired by Josh’s comment here yielded close to nothing. Anyone out there got any leads please to let me know!

I finished up with the oz version of magic or madness—damn it’s hard to read through your own book a gazillion times. I honestly don’t think I can look at it ever again. But I’m dead pleased to be that much closer to having the book out in my own country! Now, back to the monster that is Daughters of Earth.


  1. heather whipple on #

    warning: potentially excessive librarian blather below (not many reference questions during the summer where I work, so sometimes I go looking for them). you probably already know about the NYPL resources, but just in case:

    On the NYPL list of Music websites, they have a link to the free Blues Bibliographic Database. A search on just the word Broonzy brings up 63 citations, but none for the song title.

    NYPL has lots of music-related databases, though only a few of them are available online from home. There might be useful stuff (er, for this topic, I mean) in the history section too.

  2. sondra on #

    thanks for the link to that review. now I have to find a copy of that boook.

  3. Justine on #

    Heather: sorry your post didn’t go up earlier. It went into the moderating queue cause of all the links and I only just noticed it. Ooops! Thanks so much! I knew getting the info was going to require me getting off my arse and heading librarywards. I’m a recovering research scholar who hasn’t done any of that for, oh, more than two years now. Maybe it’s time I got my hands dirty in some dusty archive. Or, you know, head to the NYPL as suggested . . .

    Sondra: glad to point you to it. I’m thinking I have to get a copy too.

  4. heather whipple on #

    no problem — I’m very familiar with managing moderating queues…

    just wanted to clarify that “heading to the nypl” can be done from the comfort of your home internet connection. There’s quite a lot of fulltext available online from home with your library card (this goes for many libraries around the world). What’s there is certainly not always the best content for any given project, but often you can find something good enough (if “good enough” is sufficient) and sometimes the perfect article is actually there in all its virtual glory.

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