All-New Justine Larbalestier Website

Welcome to the all-new Justine Larbalestier website. Deb Biancotti, goddess that she is, has designed two new sections, one for my first novel, Magic or Madness, (coming out in March in the USA; September in Australia & New Zealand), and one for The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction. She’s also put together a new books page, completely reorganised my musings, and added a handy little subject index, so if you really want to read everything I have to say about, say, sport all at once, you can (so far only cricket, basketball, and a tiny touch of the Tour de France—my disquisitions on lawn bowls, darts and ballroom dancing will be up soon, I promise. But there’ll be no post on hurling. Cause, you know, what the hell?!).

I’m particularly happy to make these old letters to sf magazines available outside of my book. Isaac Asimov debates the role of women in science fiction in the pages of Astounding. It’s wonderful stuff.

For those interested in the publishing industry, this is an account of the making of my soon-to-be-available YA novel, Magic or Madness, from sale to writing through production. The Magic or Madness section also includes a glossary of the Australian English that appears in the book, as well as the first two chapters, and some answers to cool questions I’ve been asked about the book and about writing generally. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send them my way.


Deb has been very very busy on my behalf. Thank you, Deb. You should all check out her new blog. Not only is she a fab web designer, but she’s witty, sharp and funny. Often all at the same time!

Thanks also to all my regular readers for your support. I love that there are people in Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, Iraq and Mexico who read me regularly! Not to mention Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA. You’re all goddesses.

Sydney, 18 January 2005