This is a Blog

This is a blog. What I said earlier, about this not being a blog, forget it. Almost as soon as I posted that much-lamented musing, my friend Ray wrote me to point out that I’d "made the same kind of mistake that Langford documents in his ‘As Others See Us’ sections [of Ansible]. ("It’s not really science fiction. It’s the world 30 years from now, in which for 18 years no human child has been born, for unknown reasons…’)."

Guilty as charged. The logic runs like this: science fiction/blogs are not good therefore this cannot be science fiction/a blog. What a load of rubbish. I’m embarrassed that I fell for that line of thinking while I tied myself in knots trying to prove that I had not fallen for it. (Plus—talk about writing tickets on myself!)

So, this is a blog.

That musing is the only one I regret. But at least one good thing came of it: an old uni friend of mine, Petey Sefton, was inspired to write this. Sadly, no-one has written that software for me yet. Bastards! On your bikes!

New York City, 8 October 2004