Moderation Policy

Blogging is my favourite kind of writing. I find it relaxing and fun. I adore all the smart, witty comments youse mob make here. I love our wee community.

People yelling at each other, being narky and mean, getting into fights, none of that is relaxing or fun, so I don’t tolerate it. This is a troll-free zone.

I have occasionally let deliberately provocative drop-in comments stand because the responses from you lot were so excellent. But the general policy is to hit the delete button. The minute this blog stops being fun is the minute I walk away.

A particularly fast way to get yourself deleted is to threaten me.

I also delete comments from people who drop in solely to promote themselves or their work. I know many newbie authors are told this is a good thing to do. It is not.

So, newbies, play nice and don’t spam.