A Moment of Vainglory

You’re going to have to excuse this post (and the crappy photo) but I can’t help myself. A package just arrived from my wonderful Australian publisher, Allen & Unwin. It made me scream. In a good way.

This is what was in it:

That’s the official Children’s Book Council of Australia short-listed book sticker and it’s on Liar! And it’s not a joke or an accident!


Um, I may have mentioned that the CBCA awards have always been a huge deal for me. Ever since I was a tiny person. This really is a dream come true.

And on that cliched note1 I am off to attempt to write my next book. I may have to hide the stickered Liar. I keep fondling it . . . *cough*

Me. Writing. Now.

  1. Hey, they’re cliches for a reason. []


  1. Katy on #

    How wonderfully exciting! You go ahead and fondle it–it’s a dream come true so you should enjoy it a bit! 🙂

  2. Lauren on #

    Congrats Justine!

  3. Kristan on #

    Congratulations!! I can’t even imagine how that must feel.

    (… Although hopefully someday I won’t have to imagine it, because some of my dreams will come true too. ;))

  4. London on #

    YAY! Congrats!

  5. Ruth on #

    That’s awesome–congratulations!

  6. MissAttitude on #

    Hooray! That must be so incredible. I love how its a dream come true for you 🙂 Psh it’s your blog, feel free to use cliches! (well ok not tooo many, butt you don’t so it’s all good. I’m rambling now so I’m going to study bio. haha)

  7. Steve Buchheit on #

    That’s a mighty pretty sticker there, just where it oughta be. Congrats.

  8. Mel on #

    Wow. Congratulations!

  9. Julia Rios on #

    Congratulations! That’s excellent!

  10. Bernice Mcfadden on #

    How wonderful for you! Congratulations!

  11. Shveta Thakrar on #

    Yippee! Congrats, Justine! 😀

  12. Caroline on #

    I love reading your blog because your love for writing is contagious. I’m glad that someone who loves writing as much as you do was given an award like this. Congratulations!

  13. Sean the Blogonaut on #

    Take all the glory you can get, you’ll work twice as hard as an AFL player but never get close to the recognition or the pay.

  14. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone! I blush.

    Sean: On the other hand, my pro writing career is 6 years old, and while I feel like a newbie, it’s already longer than the careers of most pro athletes. We may not get paid as well but our careers are longer and less injury prone. Even with RSI.

  15. Carrie Ryan on #

    Wahoo!! That’s fantastic!! What a great picture – congrats!!!!

  16. Sean the Blogonaut on #

    I don’t know, paper cuts can be devastating.

  17. ClareSnow on #

    I wanted to comment on your sydney garden, but the comments are closed so I’m writing it here. Can your mum or sister turn off the drip irrigation when it rains? cos you don’t want them getting too much water over winter. Or does the balcony roof stop rain from falling on them. And did you keep adding plants after you got the initial lot. You said the names of them and you didn’t say grevillea. Its beautiful and so nice that it flowered b4 you left. I too have a red flowering grevillea that’s flowering for the first time, altho its a diff species cos mine’s local to perth. Honeyeaters love red grevilleas, maybe some will hang out on your balcony. Ask your mum or sis when they visit to sit at the window for an hour with a camera in case any show up 😛

    And about your pretty sticker on Liar, I know its awesome that you got it, but it does kind of interfere with BH’s cool cover design. He should have incorporated an award sticker spot.

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