Commenting with an Ad for Your Book is Spam

This is for the people who have been spamming my last post with ads for their boy-friendly books.


I am well aware you only landed here because you googled “boy books” and are looking for somewhere to post your spam. I don’t accept paid advertising so I’m certainly not going to let you advertise for free.

The comments on this blog are for discussion. By all means recommend a book that you think is relevant to the discussion. I’m all ears for passionate recommendations of books people love when it’s relevant. But do not comment with an ad for your own book. It’s tacky, it’s boring, it adds nothing to the conversation, and I will delete your ad. If you do it again I will ban you from my blog.

That is all.


  1. Patrick on #

    You make an excellent comment about $Topic, but I am not sure I agree with you.

    You should check out $MyTopic here –

    I’m such a bad person.
    Please don’t click that link. Think of the children.

  2. Justine on #

    Patrick, you are deeply appalling. You know that, right?

  3. Kurt on #

    Ooh! Good spam filter!

    I was trying to be funny and post a link to my online magazine but the system ate it.

    : )

    Good job!

  4. Justine on #

    Kurt: You’re being very bad. Blog overlord is not happy and is now turning the comments off to stop the likes of you and Patrick.

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