What Do My Readers Lie About?

Yesterday’s post got a pretty overwhelming not really from most of my readers. Most of you do not lie about those five things. (I was made very happy by all the teenage non-drinkers. Yay, youse!)

Judging from your comments and my own experience here’s my suggestion of a top five:

  1. That you didn’t do the thing your parents/teacher/boss busted you for
  2. That your friends’ clothes/appearance looks fine
  3. Your health in order to get out of school/work
  4. Height
  5. Weight

I have lied about all of these. But not about no. 1 in a very long time. Or about no. 3 and no. 4 in ages. Haven’t lied about no. 3 since I had a regular job. Sadly my no. 2 areas of lies is still going strong. But I don’t think of no. 2 as a lie so much as a difference in aesthetics that there’s no point in going into. I will never like t-shirts tucked into jeans or formal shorts or the colour yellow or espadrilles or gladiator sandals.

Is that any closer to a list of things most everyone has lied about? How many have you lied about these? What popular area of lying am I still missing out on?


  1. Julia Rios on #

    Yes to the first three. No the the last two.

  2. Sir Tessa on #

    “So, how are you?”

  3. Lauren McLaughlin on #

    What about the lie that you’re really interested in what the other person is saying when all you want is for them to shut up already. I think everyone commits that lie, and usually if you watch the movements of their eyes you can tell the exact moment when they’re doing it.

  4. Julie Andrews on #

    Height seems odd to me. Can’t people see how short or tall you are? Is it a gender thing? Short guys lie about being taller and tall chicks lie about being shorter? Since I’m a smidge shorter than average, maybe that’s why I never felt a need to lie or even fudge.

    I don’t know that there’s much call to lie about my weight either. A doctor’s going to know. And if it’s ever a matter of safety, ie, bungee jumping, I’m not going to lie. And in other situations, it’s not something that you’re really expected to give out precise numbers for.

    But maybe this is all because I don’t post on dating sites?

  5. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Yesterday’s comments suggested that people lie about the top five things they lie about. Either that, or you’ve got the most goody two-shoes audience in blogging history.

  6. Casey on #

    “How are you?” is the #1 thing I lie about. I habitually say “fine” or “good” even if I’m far from it.

  7. Rachel on #

    Re: above: I tend to say yes when asked “are you OK” even if I’m all-out bawling and therefore clearly not OK.

  8. Justine on #

    Diana: That dress totally proves my point about yellow especially on white people. She looks totally sallow. Hate it.

  9. Cristina on #

    Ok, I confess! Recently I’ve been guilty of 1, 2 and 3.

    On 1, I lied to prevent getting busted, not because they actually caught me.
    Of 2, well that wasn’t so much a lie as a reassurance to my friend.
    About 3, I said I had been sick to get a deadline extended. And I had actually been sick… 2 weeks before.

    I too agree that my most common lie is when I answer “How are you?” I have found that most people ask that out of politeness rather than actual interest on how you are.

    I just realized that while writing this, I actually sought some kind of justification for my lying. I mean, when I thought back on the lies I’ve said, I tried to think of good excuses for them. So I think I just lied to myself!

  10. PixelFish on #

    Hah. Malcolm is right. I was a goody two shoes. I was the most anal, rules following child evar. I think the common parlance is “prig”. (At least until I hit age 21 or 22.)

    I haven’t lied about my weight. But then I am still in what I regard as the understandably over zone. I just kinda shrug it off or deprecatingly laugh about it. (I used to be a total stick and then got a regular paycheque, and indulged a ferocious ice cream float habit.)

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