The Australian cover of Liar

Because I don’t write graphic novels or cheat like Scott and get one of my regular novels illustrated1 the only art I get is the cover. I think that’s part of why we authors are so obsessive about the cover. And also why we get so very upset when it’s not what we were hoping for. Well, that and the fact that a cover can make or break a book.

Well, this year I’m lucky enough to have two different covers from the get go. Two pieces of art! Yay!

Why am I so lucky you ask?

Because 2009 marks the first year in which I have a book coming out at the same time in Australia and the US of A. Hence the two covers.

I never truly feel that a book is real until it has a cover. Since Liar has two it must be realer than most.

Without further ado here is the Allen & Unwin cover designed by the incredibly talented Bruno Herfst:

I love it more than I can say. It captures the book so perfectly. I asked for something spare, iconic, cool and dark. Possibly a typographical treatment. Bruno exceeded my expectations by miles. I keep staring at it cause it makes me so very happy.

There will be embossing only on the title, Liar. Won’t that pop?! Awesome.

I also think it will cross over most excellently well into the adult market. I’ve been told by several grown ups that they were a little embarrassed to be reading How To Ditch Your Fairy in public. Not a problem with this cover.

I hope youse lot like it as much as I do.

I’ll reveal the USian cover on Friday.

  1. Yes, Scott’s next book, Leviathan—out in October—is fully illustrated. Best. Art. Ever. And the rest of the book’s not bad either. []


  1. lili on #

    Bruno is the best cover designer of all the cover designers! Hurrah for Bruno!

  2. Melinda on #


  3. Tez Miller on #

    I’ve been told by several grown ups that they were a little embarrassed to be reading How To Ditch Your Fairy in public.

    With its original cover, perhaps. But not with its gobsmackingly awesome US paperback edition – now there’s a cover you can show off with pride 🙂

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  4. Lisa on #

    Aaah so good! And definitely not age-specific 🙂

  5. Tim on #

    That’s really awesome. And on top of being awesome it’s neither age nor gender specific! Which makes reading in public a lot easier.

  6. eric luper on #

    Awwwwwwwesome cover design!

  7. Jen Hayley on #

    Love it! Very vivid and eye-catching. Congrats!

  8. Rachel on #

    I just want to stare and stare at it and see how many different times the letters appear.

  9. London on #

    I love it! It’s beautiful. I have loved all of your covers actually, but this is by far my favorite–it’s so unique and eye-catching.

  10. tigressflowers on #

    This reminds me of something I was thinking this morning, which is that I can not stand movie covers of books. I love the original covers because they, more often than not, are symbolic of what the book is actually about.

  11. Lauren McLaughlin on #

    I want to have sex with that cover. I want to cheat on my own book covers with that cover.

  12. caitlin on #

    my dad read and loved HTDYF. He didn’t mention if he was shy about reading it in public, but he’s too cool to care.

  13. Jenny Davidson on #

    most beautiful cover i ever saw! EVER! but can we get candy favors made in the shape of the letters in goody bags when the book actually comes out?!?

  14. sandi on #

    I don’t understand why people are embarrassed to be seen with a book because of the cover.
    I make no apologies about the books I read and like.

    It is a cool cover for Liar, nevertheless.

  15. Holly Black on #

    Am so envious! That is gorgeousity.

  16. Sarah Rees Brennan on #

    Not to say one single word against your US cover, but this is the cover of my heart, and since I have to order it anyway if you will not hate me for it I think I’ll order this version! SO AMAZING.

  17. Jess on #

    While this entry is probably too late to be read by anyone, I would just like to say that I have been walking through bookstores on two different occasions and been completely stopped by this cover. There is something about it that just, for lack of a better word, *pops*. It makes you take notice. As I was in a hurry both times, I didn’t have time to read anything about it, but almost bought it with my decision based entirely on that cover. Since hearing about the actual book, I will definitely buy it next time I see this cover.

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