Another lovely event + worst oscar dress (updated)

The event at North Melbourne library was fabulous. Lots of excellent quessies and best of all I got to tell a vomit story. Thank you for asking, Aimee! And thank you so much for organising the event. Was lovely to chat with such knowledgeable YA readers. Yes, Twilight was discussed.

So, the Oscars. What do we think was the worst dress? Please to include link to it. I’m still spluttering over Miley Cryus’s explosion.

And what did we think of Our Hugh Jackman’s effort? No expletives please!

Update: I am very much enjoying all your comments here and on the romcom/vomcom thread. I agree with those below who love Queen Latifah and Marisa Tomei‘s dresses. Not entirely sure about the colour of the Tomei dress, and I’d have preferred it to have two straps, but the structure is awesome. For those of your criticising Tilda Swinton: stop immediately! She can do no wrong. And, yes, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s dress was a mistake. Looks like her boobs are about to explode, which would be VERY painful.


  1. Aimee on #

    Oh snap, I just emailed you. Vomit story = best thing evah. It was lovely to have you. And, shock horror, I am actually not as horrified by Miley’s dress as intellectually I feel I should be. Am stunned by how bathed R.Pat looks. It’s truly amazing.

  2. AnonQueen on #

    Queen Latifah looked fucking awesome!

  3. Julia Rios on #

    Miley Cyrus’s dreass doesn’t bother me, but I’m not wild about Vanessa Hudgens’s Dress. They sa Miley’s was inspired by The Little Mermaid. Vanessa’s seems to actually be a mermaid-going-through-her-goth-phase costume, and not in a good way. Vanessa herself looks great, but the dress should be burned.

  4. Julie on #

    Sarah Jessica Parker & Reese Witherspoon. Worst by far.

  5. marrije on #

    I hear bored moaning about Tilda Swinton, but I think she looks wonderful.

    Satsuki Mitchell’s dress though: Oi. Drapey, fluttery Project Runway mistake.

  6. Criss on #

    Tilda Swinton made me jump when I looked up and saw her on screen. Looking at the full-body shot it’s not THAT bad (the black adds SOMETHING to it), but when she was presenting (and the camera only showed her upper body), she looked like some naked evil alien just escaped from the egg-pod. She even died her hair to be the same color as her skin and dress. Why?

    And why does she hate her hair that much? If she’s that angry at it, why doesn’t she just go Sinead and shave it?

    I liked Hugh. I loved the musical numbers — I wish they’d gotten someone who could dance Broadway musical-style to do the number with him. Beyonce was rather pathetic, and looked uncomfortable dancing with him.

  7. Jude on #

    I only watched because Hugh was hosting. His first number was uninspiring, and I missed the main number because I switched over to the Amazing Race. I truly don’t care about dresses. I’m just glad I’ll never have to wear any of them.

  8. Diana Peterfreund on #

    Angelina’s earrings were great. the rest of her looked like crap.

    I thought kate and reese were wearing the same theme dress. Reese’s was way better — kate should wear color. She always looks better in color. her Green Oscar dress she wore the year of titanic is one of my favorite oscar dresses of all time.

    I did not like Vanessa’s (looked like a dust ruffle on a cocktail dress — which, I heard, it was) or Amy Adams (what was with the weird scarf hanging down the front?) Diane Lane was great, and in the same family, Amanda Seyfried! OMG — so cute! I thought it was unfortunate Rachel Evan Wood wore the same kind of dress as marissa Tomei, who looked SO AMAZING in hers! I’m not usually a fan of pleats, but WOWSA that was something! My fave dress of the night.

    I thought Tina Fey looked great too. Very Barbara Stanwyck. Am I right? I thought Frieda Pinto looked too old, and then found out she was TRYING for something sari-like. I actually liked Miley cyrus’s, because it’s nice to see a teenager in something age appropriate for once, and it had a sort of “debutante with an edge” vibe to me. She looked like she thought it was too heavy, though, lumbering around like that.

    Natalie Portman looked okay, but a little boring, very “I picked this up at Lord & Taylor” — I guess that’s what you wear when you aren’t either tabloid fodder or in a nominated movie?

    Taraji Henson looked great, but I don’t know if I’m a fan of this “ripped toilet paper wedding dress” thing going on lately — like Michelle Obama wore for the balls, same idea.

    Also loved Viola Davis. I want that woman’s body. Gorgeous and glowy!

    In general, there was too much silver/white (I say, knowing I’ve already tagged Tomei’s as my favorite).

  9. Dave H. on #

    At our party in the States, we thought Hugh was fantastic and that had something had gone horribly, terribly wrong with Reese Witherspoon’s dress … but the winner for worst dress has to be Nicole Kidman’s chicken costume. It looked like someone cut the swan head off Bjork’s dress and passed it along to Nicole.

    Sophia Loren might have slightly overdone the cosmetic procedures.

    Anne Hathaway didn’t win last night, but she showed why she will. She can do serious acting, she can sing, she can dance, she’s very funny, and she has the best legs in Hollywood.

  10. Rachel on #

    I’ll be positive here: I loved Penelope Cruz’s ballgown (sooo pretty!) and Frieda Pinto’s beautiful blue dress.

    And sorry if I got the names wrong, I just looked them up but somehow my Oscar-night knowledge of everyone’s identity has departed.

  11. Amber on #

    Ugh, Miley’s dress is definitely not my style. But I disagree with the poster to the wireless image – with breasts sticking out like that, she does NOT look 6.

    Totally agree about Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress. Although, I like it except for the whole exploding boobs part.

    I don’t like all the rest. But, I’m not a fan of long dresses in general, so that leaves out my liking on MOST Oscar dresses.

    btw, looking at Miley’s from the top up, it’s not half bad. It’s the bottom that kills it. Fish scales? I don’t care if she is with Disney, she doesn’t need to dress like she’s a “Disney princess” (gone bad).

  12. Melinda on #

    Melissa George also looked like she’d forgotten to put the dress on. My pick for best dressed is Daniel Craig.

  13. Laini Taylor on #

    I thought Jessica Beale’s dress was the most heinous. What was she THINKING??

    LOVE Hugh Jackman.

    I wondered where all the other stars were, the ones not nominated. It seemed like a very sparsely attended Oscar night. I mean, I didn’t see ANY of the big stars who weren’t nominees. It was kind of weird.

  14. Chris S. on #

    I second Queen Latifah, and though Alicia Keyes was astoundingly gorgeous in pink.

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