The best cover of all time

Did I mention that I have a new How To Ditch Your Fairy cover for the US paperback?


Is it wicked of me that part of the huge pleasure I get from this cover is that mutilating barbie dolls was one of my favourite games when I was little?

I doubt that I will ever again have such a genius cover. Bless you cover gods!


  1. robin on #

    This really is one of the best covers of all time. This is making me want to go out and find a Barbie of my own.

    And a hammer.

  2. Cassie on #

    Cover is fantabulous! I love what they did with the wings. It is all both pretty and evil.

  3. Book Chic on #

    OMG you’re right- that is the best cover of all time. I laughed and snorted when I saw it. It’s awesome- I’m definitely gonna have to buy a copy when it’s released, lol.

  4. Lisa on #

    Agreed! Best cover ever!

  5. Cat Sparks on #

    You gonna write a sequel featuring a hammered unicorn?

  6. Karen on #

    Ahaha! What a satisfying cover. Such a nice solid hammer, too.

  7. Serafina Zane on #

    Oh man, that’s awesome! Violently awesome!

    …I was once Wednesday Addams for Halloween solely as an excuse to chop the head off one of the old Barbies sitting around the house.

  8. caitlin on #

    You are so lucky! What a stunner of a cover! Hope you get sent to Seattle on your next tour.

  9. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    That is ABSOLUTELY an awesome cover. It makes me grin and feel wickedly pleased.


  10. khy on #

    Love it. I may have to buy a copy of the paperback even though I have the hardcover.

  11. Dave H on #

    Wow. That’s … wow.

  12. Lissa on #

    I can’t wait to order that into my store and put it on my new release shelves! Wicked cover!

  13. Carol on #

    That’s a very nice cover, not the best one I’ve seen though, but it’s still very good. 🙂

  14. Tez Miller on #

    I so want to trade in my hardcover for that paperback. However, because you’ll likely be signing my hardcover on Sunday, this won’t be an option 😉

    But this is definitely one of the BEST COVERS OF ALL TIME! Capitals mean I’m serious, y’all.

    Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  15. Eric Luper on #

    This is definitely in my top 5 favorite covers of all time. There is no way I could not pick this book up off the shelf if I saw it in the store!!

  16. Mark on #

    This is a great cover. Its got that elusive quality of being simple and striking, i.e. it will grab the eye when making a quick scan of books. Plus it produces an immediate curiosity – is the book really about hitting fairies with hammers?

    congrats on a lucky one!

  17. Alexa on #

    Fabulous cover, I love it.

  18. Amber on #

    So do you know if the other cover is still available? I actually like that one better. But, I will say, I have never seen a cover like this one before!! Glad you like it, since you’re the author!

  19. Amethyst on #

    Oh Gosh, Im ashamed to say that I used to mutilate my Barbie dolls also. It was quite fun, actually. Oh well, this cover has prompted me to go buy your book, again. 😀

  20. Jay-wa on #

    I like this cover, (like others have said, it’s mildly evil) but I also kind of like the old one…
    (Solution: Buy them both!)
    I’m glad you like it 😀

  21. Heather Z. on #

    Oh my gosh, that is the best cover I’ve ever seen. I busted up laughing and I was rolling from side to side for over a minute. And even then I couldn’t glance at my computer before bursting into fits of giggles every single time. If I didn’t love the book already I would have to buy it just for this. I’m not a paperback girl, but this really may be an exception.

  22. Julia on #

    Completely awesome cover! Bring on the fairies – I got me a hammer!

  23. JessicaDay on #

    That is very spiff! I like it but I have to say I think the first one is spiffer…

  24. Sue on #

    This is hysterical– I love the smashed Barbie doll!

  25. Reese on #

    lol I love it! I guess today you’ve got a good cover art fairy.

  26. Julie-wa on #

    poor faerie!
    haha, love it.

    fan of your husband’s works… keep meaning to pick up on of your books @the library

  27. Haley Rae on #

    Great cover! I’ll never be able to own it though, because I bought your book hardcover already. 🙂 Great, by the way, kept me reading to the end.

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