1. Tim on #

    Someone has recently done that with Pride and Prejudice. I believe the new book is called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

    I must have it!

  2. Q on #

    I’m not so sure about step 4, but I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Patrick on #

    Isn’t step 4 just a summary of step 2 and 3?

  4. Carrie Ryan on #

    I am here to testify that step four is imperative! And it works!

  5. Cat on #

    I think you are right…everything is better with zombies added!

  6. Amber on #

    Great starting points! lol

  7. Justine on #

    Tim: That person is behind the times. My friend Maureen zombified P&P a year ago!

  8. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    No, no, no, it goes like this:

    Step One: Choose a book, pretty much any book will do.

    Step Two: Add zombies to it.

    Step Three: Add unicorns to it.

    Step Four: Continued adding equal amounts of zombies and unicorns—and maybe a couple of zombie unicorns or unicorn zombies—until the plot, and possibly your head, explodes.

    Step Five: Lather, rinse, repeat. Take two mangosteens and call a librarian in the morning.

    Blogoverlord says: You are skating very close to a banning, young lady. Referring to the dread creatures, not once, but multiple times? An outrage, it is.

  9. Nicholas Waller on #

    I’m reading a book called “How Not to Write a Novel” by Newman and Mittelmark, which gives advice on 200 things you can do to ensure that your manuscript, when it comes into the hands of a professional editor, is tossed in the bin at the earliest opportunity. (The authors say they have stood by the side of this road for a long time and see a lot of the same avoidable tragedies take place.)

    Of course, a 201st way not to write a novel is to sit about reading books like that, but I’m enjoying it for itself – though one reviewer on AmazonUK called it too sarcastic and even rude (it is quite rude when discussing a deus ex machina). Perhaps he took it personally.

  10. Bethany-la on #

    lol. That is great advice. I’m planning to write a book about zombies & vampires. The twist… neither are evil. unic*rns (aka one who mustn’t be named) are the evil ones.

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