Happiness is . . .

Well, okay, a vague sense of satisfaction is . . . reducing your inbox from over two thousand to 93.

I have answered all my fanmail. Hallelujah! I am up to date with the universe! (If I didn’t reply to you—write me again. Your letter may have been accidentally deleted or misfiled or something.)

Er, 94. Someone just sent me a letter. Crap. Ninety-five. Why are people replying? The whole point of the exercise was to reduce my mail! Not generate more. Stop it! Don’t write to me!

Um, never mind.

Look over there: irradiated mangosteens mutating into killer monkeys!


  1. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    I got a response. (YAY!!!) I didn’t reply, though. I figured that wouldn’t be very helpful. 😀

    So I’ll say it here…Thank You!


  2. cuileann on #

    WOW, that is srsly impressive.

  3. Elodie on #

    XD! lol! that’s quite the backfiring. Good luck getting rid of the new mail 😉

  4. Justine on #

    Sigh. I suspect the only thing to do is delete all my email accounts and dig myself a hole where I will live off worms and write my novels with mud.

  5. Emily on #

    Mud eater! lol 🙂

  6. Emily on #

    i meant worms! Worm eater!

  7. Emily Bennett on #

    I got a reply! Yay me! And Justine, in case you dont remember me, its the Emily that you met at Cover to Cover in Columbus Ohio. 😀

  8. Mitch Wagner on #

    I was one of those people who you responded to. Was startled as heck – forgot about the original e-mail entirely.

    I wrote to you about Scrivener, which I’ve been using quite some time to write my first novel (almost done with the rough draft), and which I like a lot. I can’t remember if you turned me on to it.

    If you’ve made any changes to how you use Scrivener, or you’ve found some new features, I’d enjoy reading a follow-up post from you.

    Here’s one thing I want to be able to do with Scrivener, but haven’t quite figured out: Let’s say I write in Chapter 3 that One-Legged Pete has a pet parrot. He loves that parrot, so the parrot appears in a lot of places subsequently. When I’m on Chapter 11, it occurs to me that a parrot is stupid, it’s ridiculous that Pete would have a parrot, it’s got to be a *cockatoo.* I want to make a quick note to myself for when I’m ready to do revisions — which could be months or a year down the road — without interrupting my current workflow.

    Have you found a good way to do that?

  9. Justine on #

    So pleased you all got my replies. Sadly, I cannot promise a swift reply to your replies to my replies. Ouch. That sentence made my head spin.

    Mitch: I am indeed planning an updated Scrivener post just haven’t had a chance yet.

    As for your quessie. Why don’t you make that note in “project notes” so that it’s visible to all documents? Then when you go back to chapter three you can see it there? That’s what I do.

  10. Mitch Wagner on #

    “Project notes.” Hmmmm…

    Off to read the links you posted just now.

  11. Mitch Wagner on #

    Disregard previous sentence. Clearly, I hallucinated links that did not exist.

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