Not to distract

from the excellent convo going on below, but Cassandra Clare has posted a fascinating response to the animal violence thread.

Also Mely points to this fascinating discusson of romance in a Jennifer Crusie novel.

Philip Stanton has put up two pages of his sketches from Bologna. The folks who read this blog might recognise Barry Goldblatt and Lawrence Schimel among others.

Here’s one of me and Scott I posted awhile back:

©Philip Stantion


  1. Hannah on #

    I believe coffeeandink doesn’t like to have her real name and her LJ name associated…

  2. Justine on #

    Mely isn’t her real name.

  3. Hannah on #

    Granted. Just thought it was on the list. If not, sorry. ::shrug::

  4. Mely on #

    Mely’s fine — it’s the name in my profile and it’s not actually derived from my real name.

    At this point, I am mostly just fighting a losing battle to prevent my mother from finding my LJ via Google.

  5. Justine on #

    Thanks, Mely, I’m relieved to hear it!

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